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April 21, 2017

Former West Terre Haute Resident Publishes New Book

To Be released May 10, 2017

Terre Haute, IN, April 21, 2017– Award-winning historian Tim Crumrin’s new book, A Sky Held Captive, will be published May 10, 2017.  As the cover notes: “A Sky Held Captive is a collection of poetry and short fiction by an award-winning historian and author who has published over forty scholarly and general interest history works.  He notes that “Sometimes stories lodge in the netherworld of the historian’s mind, waiting to emerge in a different form.”  The stories included here range from an US soldier’s harrowing encounter with the Holocaust to the musings of a Death Row inmate, and a novella about a man whose life defines loneliness.”

Written under his pen name, Timothy Chrisman, three of the short stories feature characters from, or are set in, West Terre Haute

Mr. Crumrin was raised in West Terre Haute.  He served 25 years as Historian and Director at Conner Prairie Museum, before retiring in 2014 to head the Historiker Consulting Group.  He received the Lifetime Achievement Award for History from the Indiana Historical Society in 2014.  Another of his books, a study of the rise and decline of West Terre Haute Til the Coal Train Hauled It Away, will be published in October 2017.

A Sky Held Captive will be available through Amazon, the publisher and other book outlets beginning May 25th.  However, personally inscribed copies of the book may be obtained immediately by contacting the author at  The cost of $15.00 includes tax and shipping.

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  1. Tim, I just read Hop, Skip and Jump to Toad Hop. I moved to Toad Hop where my parents rented a house while my dad finished building our house. We lived beside the “saloon” and the house backed up on the woods that surrounded what we called the mushroom factory. I was a first grader at Consolidated and it had to be 1959/60. I was so surprised to see your post. It was kind of a surreal living experience. I was afraid of the dark woods and that mushroom factory outside my bedroom window. I was afraid my dad would go to hell by going to the saloon for hamburgers one night. And I was very afraid of the strip pit ponds.
    I was friends with Jim Marquis, our families went to Bethesda Methdist church .pam McCain became my good friend once we moved into the new house further out on Darwin Rd in Homewood. I don’t remember any of the first graders, because I skipped 2nd and went into 3rd.
    Would love to hear from you .

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