The People of the Dump


Recently I was sent a citation about Taylorville.  Since that little village has stirred so much interest, I wanted to post the links to the story.  It appeared in The Normal Advance in 1909.  The Advance was the yearbook of Indiana State Normal (now ISU) and featured essays, poetry and article by ISN students.  It is quite well done and important because the students went to Taylorville and talked with some of the people.  Thus it is an excellent primary source regarding Taylorville.

Below are photos of the story.  If your browser does not open photos correctly let me know.








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2 thoughts on “The People of the Dump

  1. Wow, this is dis-heartening but I’m sure was played out in many different places in the US. Great story to share with the public. Thanks, Tim

  2. What a fascinating article about Central Terre Haute (?!?). The stench must have been horrendous.

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