Isn’t It Romantic, or do you want butter on that milquetoast?

In 1902 Mr. and Mrs Arthur Thompson sojourned across the bridge to Terre Haute.  We do not know what Arthur told the missus to get her to make the journey, but they ended  in the office of an attorney, one Mr. L.L.  Sweet, Esq.  Poor Mr. Thompson soon laid out a case of woe to said lawyer, as Mrs. Thompson grew red about the jowls.    His wife, said Arthur, treated him quite badly and he wished fervently for a divorce.  We do not know the size of either party in this less than connubial bliss, but one suspects that Arthur felt dwarfed by his wife in some manner.

At any rate, Mrs. Thompson steadfastly refused to even consider this sundering of their vows and dared him to even try it.  Tensions arose in the room.  Attorney Sweet asked Arthur to come with him to another room to consult privately on the matter.  Sensing a ruse, Mrs. Thompson seized her bedraggled husband’s hat, lest he tried to escape.  She did not count on the lawyer loaning Arthur a hat so that they might slip out to the nearby courthouse  and file the suit for divorce.

An angry Mrs. Thompson awaited their slinking return.  When she learned of their foul deed she wrapped her arms around her husband and held him as if in a cage.  He was unable to extricate  himself from this particular bond of marriage.  Squirming and  fighting, the poor captive eyes beseeched his lawyer for help.  Sweet, giving full effort and all his weight behind it, finally succeeded in separating the pair.  As he held tight to the spurned spouse, Mr. Thompson, seeing his chance, took it. 

He was last seen hieing down the streets of Terre Haute, and was reported to be in hiding.

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