While doing my research I have discovered several slash-preacher stories.  By that I mean people who had other professions while also being a preacher.

There was C.E. Hill known as the miner-preacher.  He was a leader in the “dry” movement who wished to close down the saloons his fellow miners were wont to frequent.  For his efforts to save themselves from themselves (as he might have put it), he came home from his shift in the mine to find that someone had tried to burn down his house, with his family inside.

There was the pugilist-miner-preacher who was arrested for abandoning his young second wife and child and was later brought back to face trial.
There was C.M. Jones, a butcher-preacher, whose son was convicted of rape and murder of a 12 year-old neighbor.  The son, Cozzie, invariably described as the “good looking son of a West Terre Haute preacher,” was convicted in 1941 of having sex with the girl and then drowning her in Sugar Creek (he claimed the sex was consensual and he was unable to save her when she jumped into the creek afterwards).

Cozzie was sentenced to the state prison in Michigan City.  After serving 20 years he escaped and went on a cross country murder spree.  When finally caught in Arizona he was convicted of 4 murders (including the rape-murder of a young girl.)

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