Not a “Cute Meet” Story


Will and Lulu Hants and family, ca. 1914

Found while doing research….

From Ft. Wayne News, 9/9/1896

(Terre Haute) Miss Lou Arthur, daughter of a prominent family of West Terre Haute, was seized by an unknown colored man while returning  home and was being dragged into the bushes on the road side when William Hants was attracted by her screams and effected her rescue.  Her assailant escaped.  Miss Arthur had been ill for some time and is now completely prostrated.

Lou was my great grandmother Lulu, and William my great grandfather.  They married three years later.  And two years after that my Grandma was born.


2 Comments on “Not a “Cute Meet” Story”

  1. Bobbie Johnston says:

    Lulu and William are my Great grandparents, as well!
    What a small world, and what an interesting story to happen upon!
    I am the grand daughter of Iva Johnston, one of the twin daughters of Lulu and William. My father is Robert Johnston and my brother is Steve.

    • tcrumrin says:

      Bobbie, I believe we met many, many years ago at one of our reunions. Aunt Ivy was absolutely one of my favorite people in the world. Your dad and my mother were close and he was very kind to me. I liked him very much. And Steve and I used to love giving each other a hard time whenever we got together. I don’t think I have seen him in over 25 years. Tell him hello from me. I would love to see what you have about the family.

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